It's hydraulic, it's Hydrokit

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+ 8 colour rings + 4 sleeves / coup

+ 8 colour rings + 4 sleeves / coup

Part no : EAZCLIPHK41
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Technical information

- 1 handle CLIPHYDRO. - 4 Male sleeves 1/2G
Female 1/2G. - 8 colour rings: 2 white - 2 red -
2 blue - 2 green. - 4 male couplers ISO-A 1/2G. -
4 Male sleeves 1/2G DIN 12 L.


Hereinbelow, here are the 7 reasons to choose Clip hydro:
1/ The user's hands are always clean (without oil).
2/ Protection against burns (no direct contact with the hot hose).
3/ No oil projections on the user.
4/ Hoses located by coloured rings.
5/ No-force couplings.
6/ Prevents folding the hose at connection.
7/ Suppression of the risks of pulling off the hose at disconnection.

You never leave your Cliphydro for your:
- Tools for assistance in coupling/decoupling of the male and female elements of a coupler on the hydraulic circuit.
- Vehicles and mobile equipment with hydraulic systems.

- Simply install the sleeve provided between the hydraulic line and the coupler. Coloured rings can be inserted on the sleeve in order to mark the various hoses.
- The ClipHydro handle is positioned on the sleeve. Now simply just pull or push to allow, effortlessly, the coupling or decoupling of the coupler.




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